Inspired by natural locations, both local and further afield; we started to deeply understand the benefits of allowing yourself time away from the frenzy of daily life. They're clear to see and we want to be part of protecting that precious escape.

It all started out in the woods, a local national trust site on the Wirral peninsula. Unpacking the stove, a bag of locally roasted coffee and a stovetop, we set about brewing a few cups in the shelter of the trees. A week later we ventured out onto the shore amongst the sand and long grasses using a large bit of driftwood to guard the flames. We quickly discovered that exploration didn't require long journeys.

The brand was born from the lifestyle that we wanted to live and sharing it amongst other like-minded folks. We advocate a slower way of life, with eyes wide open. A reconnection to the outdoors; after all, how are we meant to protect the environment without a deeper emotional attachment? Global conservation for us begins at home, on your doorstep.


Speciality Coffee // Roasted In Liverpool


Speciality coffee is a large part of how we like to live our lives and we've learned so much from it over the years. WYLDE was born from sharing thoughts over a cup of coffee so it's natural to be part of our core as a brand.

Sustainability runs through the veins of the speciality industry, as does quality. Experiences coming with new flavours, new regions, new stories. A fresh world to explore and one we never truly expect to completely cover; that to us is the beauty of it.

We're proud to work closely with a roastery local to us in Liverpool to bring you a range of WYLDE coffee offerings. Named after British birds, they align with our ethos of reconnecting society to nature and changing daily habits to protect it. Our interests in sustainability led us to exploring options for compostable packaging and we are proud to use completely biodegradable bags created from wood pulp to reduce our impact.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do and that it helps you on this journey of learning as it has on so many occasions for us. If you have any questions at all, whether it be how to brew your coffee or how/where your beans were farmed and processed, please feel free to email us and we'll help in any way we can.