Sanderling (Colombia Decaf EA Caldono, Huila)

Sanderling (Colombia Decaf EA Caldono, Huila)

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Country of Origin // Colombia

Region // Suaza, Huila

Altitude // 1600 – 1800 Metres above Sea Level

Varietals // Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo

Process // The Ethyl Acetate decaffeination method : Uses the natural by-product of fermented sugar cane to strip the soluble caffeine molecules from the green bean.

Taste Notes // Black Forest Gateau - Cherry, Sticky Toffee & Chocolate

Colombia Decaf EA Caldono, Huila

Decaf coffees unfortunately have gained a bit of a reputation for being of lower quality or less enjoyable than their caffeine rich counterparts. This is exactly why we are so excited to be offering the Sanderling. Our decaf that genuinely could be mistaken for a caffeinated drink and makes no sacrifices in flavour. People looking to reduce their daily intake can still brew up a beautiful cup!


Espresso Experience – Combines beautifully well with milk, accentuates the sticky, toffee like richness.

Filter Experience – Provides a more fruity, cleaner cup with the toffee like textures transitioning to a lighter, caramel sweetness.

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