Preserve Journal (Issue 1)

Preserve Journal (Issue 1)


A seasonal and independent magazine dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible and transparent food culture.

The Preserve Journal Issue no 1 

124 responsibly printed pages filled with independent and self-published curiosity.


Issue no 1 features;


- Matthew Orlando, Head Chef and owner of Amass Restaurant on running a responsible restaurant.

- Pascal Baudar on Creating novel, earth-friendly dishes through Foraging.

- Katrina Blair on her love for weeds, fighting herbicide practices and bringing hope for the bees.

- Kathe Kaczmarzyk on going Beyond Fermentation.

- And many more inspiring voices and exciting stories which we cannot wait to share with you!

 The team at Preserve Journal collect their content during the year and with the changing seasons, but the content is not necessarily bound to any season. Therefore relevant, interesting and important all year around.

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