Blackbird (Washed Guatemalan)

Blackbird (Washed Guatemalan)

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Country of Origin // Guatemala

Region  // Huehuetenango, Finca Villaure La Loma

Behind the Scenes // Cherries farmed by Aurelio Villatoro and his family

Process // Fully Washed

Taste Notes // Chocolate Orange

Blackbird was born for drip filter and cafetiére, making it great for brewing at home. It’s a smooth warming chocolatey number giving almost dairy milk flavours rounded off with an after hit of juicy orange and plum. Easy on the palette, we’d say this is definitely an all day drink. Don’t fret it makes belter espresso too!

Grown and expertly handled by the Villatoro family. Blackbirds journey starts out at Finca Villaure, widely regarded as one of the finest farms in Guatemala. When the cherries are right, Aurelio Villatoro and his extended family head out to harvest. The cherries undergo the fully washed process and are dried out on huge patios at the farm, helping give us that lovely plum and slightly orangey after taste.

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